Highspeed line VIS-(HVAR)-SPLIT

Agency Paiz Travel d.o.o. is an authorised point of sale of tickets for the highspeed line no.9602 VIS-(HVAR)-SPLIT that is operated by High Speed Ship Services MB Kapetan Luka TP.

Tickets are sold within working hours:

every day from 6:30 h- 22:00 h (From July 1st- September 1st)

Out of season working hours are 30 minutes before the departure of the highspeed boat.


VIS – HVAR – MILNA (Brač) – SPLIT and vice versa

SPLIT - VIS 45,00 kn 55,00 kn 26,00 kn
SPLIT - HVAR 40,00 kn 55,00 kn 25,00 kn
HVAR - VIS 30,00 kn 40,00 kn 22,00 kn
VIS - MILNA 40,00 kn 55,00 kn 25,00 kn
HVAR - MILNA 30,00 kn 40,00 kn 22,00 kn
MILNA - SPLIT 30,00 kn 40,00 kn 22,00 kn


1. Out of season price list is valid for period from 01.01. – 01.06.2017. and 02.10. – 31.12.2017., and season from 02.06. – 01.10.2017. Island residents price list is valid whole year.

2. Free for children under 1 year, The child is sitting with it’s parents in the same seat  and the ticket is not issued to it. Free for children from 1 to 3 years , tickets are issued to them and seat is reserved.

3. When technical conditions on board (special boxes) are met for transport of pets, transport of pets in special box is charged at 50% of the price of the ticket per person.

4. The price includes the port fees and VAT.