Palagruza – Diomed’s Island


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Trip to Palagruza – Diomed’s Island

The island of Palagruza stands alone in the open sea, located midway between Vis island and the Italy. Craggy and rocky by the appearance, most of the 92 m island is covered by a stately white lighthouse, built in 1875. Its keepers are the island’s only year-round residents. Archeologists have determined that this island was once inhabited, most notably by the Greek hero Diomed. Palagruza thus honors him by its reference as the Diomed’s island.

With their stark wide sailed boats Gajetas in the wind, Komiza’s fishermen have been rowing to Palagruza since the 14 th century! Palagruza was the traditional location for catching the blue fish. Hordes of sardines and anchovies were brought back to the islanders. Today, blue fish are caught in smaller doses. Nowadays, fishermen catch crabs and free swimming white fish, a Dalmatian specialty.

The island’s south side cove has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic Sea, where you can take up the challenge of swimming in the Palagruza sea. Swimming in that beach is one of the biggest challenges you don’t want to miss!


* For more information about the trip, please send an inquiry.