Wine Tour & Wine Tasting

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Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 16:00
Duration : 3h 45min
Maximum number of people : 20
Venue Facilities : SPECIAL OFFER: package tour for 2 people at the price of 140,00€ . It includes accommodation (1 night in a room 1/2), transport and a guide. Meals can be arranged on the basis of breakfast, half board and full board with extra charge.

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Wine Tour & Wine Tasting

The ancient Greek writer Agatarhid declared:

The Wine from Vis, in comparison to every other wine, is better!

Although Vis is a small island, its wine stands head and shoulders above many others. Since days of antiquity, vineyards and wine growing has been the main economic force behind the island’s development. Vugava and Mali Plavac are the island’s best known wines. The wine fields are also rich with other acclaimed vintages like Kurteloška, Rukac, Palaruša, Carnjenko…

The wine tour that we prefer to do with our guests, is to take them on a trip around the island, a walk through fields of vines; Mali Plavac on sandy south side of the island and Vugava in the heart of the island. While they enjoy breathtaking landscape, a guide will tell them a story about Vis wine through the history and what impact it had on today’s winemaking.These trips we prefer to do in afternoon hours because of wine tasting after. Tasting is organized in two different wine cellars – it depends on how many guest are interested in and availability of wine cellar.

Description of a tour:

Sightseeing inland of the island (top view from 563 m above the sea level – panorama of Komiža and offshore islands.)

Visit and taste the high quality wine of the most popular island’s winemakers Mr Senjanović and Mr Lipanović

– wine fields and wine cellar of family Senjanović is located in the Tihobraće field -a field where, from time immemorial, local people planted their grape vines. It is really awesome to taste Senjanovic Plavac Time braće. It is also very interesting to hear the story about vine producing through the history till today. Little walk through the field and after – vine tasting in cellar.

– wine cellar Lipanovic is located in an ex military tunnel close to the Town of Vis. Guests will have opportunity to taste his famous Vugava (an autochthonous sort of white wine) and Mali Plavac as well as Opolo.


Trip duration: 3,45 h

Departure: 04 pm or 04:30 pm

Price per person: 380 kn

Minimum number of persons: 2


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