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The Town of Vis

The town of Vis is founded on the remains of ancient Issa, an island city-state and the foremost Greek colony in the Adriatic.  It’s best known today for its deep protective harbor and rich cultural past spanning over the past 2300 years.  It consists of two distinct sections:  the  harbor (called “Luka”) and the older section called “Kut” (meaning “corner”).  The harbor greets the island ferry and the traffic it brings from the mainland, launching a bustle of daily life especially in the summertime. Kut is for leisurely afternoon walks, a cup of coffee by the seaside and its numerous quality restaurants.  Taste and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing Vis cuisine, both simple and extraordinary, taken from the full rapport of island dishes developed by our masters over the centuries.

There are two hotels in town – Hotel Issa and Hotel Tamaris.  Both are situated at the water’s edge.  The wide and sunny Town Beach (or Plaza) is located on the Prirovo, a tiny peninsula facing the harbor. Just a stone’s throw away from Hotel Issa, on the opposite side lies Grandovac Beach, a known hang-out for the young.

Day of the Vis Town

Vis’ Cultural Summer

Summer in Vis, both in the town and on the entire island, in the already famous tradition, is marked by numerous cultural events which during the sunniest period of the year make the whole area of southern Croatian an unusually vivid and active place. Certainly, the town’s cultural events are older than the summer shows organized by amateur cultural and artistic societies and individuals as well as those who generally organize and develop cultural activities in the small centers. The Croatian, historical Cultural Center as a central area of culture in the town used to, and continues to bring together theatre, musical, choir, singing and klapa companies and ensembles as well as all musicians instrumentalists.

There is a particularly well-known Popular Brass Music here, an unescapable participant in all of the island’s celebrations as well as a particularly active and awarded amateur drama group with their popular repertoire, members of the Amateur Theatre named after the writer, Ranko Marinković, who was one of the most eminent protagonists in the whole of Croatia’s cultural history. The atmosphere values in old Vis offer a series of areas that under the reflector lights in the summer months, become stages especially when attractive ensembles appear in the town and take over the Battery, Klapavica, the promenade and other important areas in Kut as well as other squares, courtyards and stage areas. If we add to these the occasional arts (fine arts and similar) camps , recitals, popular shows and festivals as well as other programmes, Vis’ Cultural Summer shines totally each year and is accepted both by the islanders themselves and the growing number of their guests.

Vis Fishermen Night

It is held on every last Saturday in July.

Vis Regatta

The “Labud” Sailing Club from Split in collaboration with the Vis Sailing Club traditionally organize the most prestigious cruiser sailing show in Croatia, the famous Vis Regatta that takes place in the second weekend in October. Every year, around 150 cruisers take part in the regatta with over 1,000 yachtsmen. The Town of Vis’ regatta presents an unofficial end of the season when, for a short period, Vis once again regains its summer atmosphere. For those taking part in the regatta, the Town of Vis and the Vis Tourist Board organize a pleasant cultural and entertainment programme as well as rich banquets throughout the whole weekend offering the Vis specialty, “fažol na brujet” (a kind of beans minestrone).The Vis Regatta has been organized for decades and it is approaching its seventieth jubilee anniversary. The Croatian Sailing Association is responsible for the Regatta. On the second day of the regatta, the Vis Sailing Club organizes the “Luka Vis” Regatta.


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