Wine and gastronomy

Well known among gourmet chefs the world over, our little island is a culinary gem for delicious Croatian-Mediterranean food specialties. Traveling sailors return to our harbors and coves to once again sample the great tastes of the incomparable “Vis Plate“. The cellars and restaurants have a wonderful aroma that can’t be found anywhere else. Besides the sea’s special allure, the trend of the times is to go to the heart of the island to discover the authentic Vis cuisine. Some will be enchanted by the fields of green vineyards. Others will linger in the kitchens of the old stone houses, rustically appealing, to observe a different style of cooking, lovingly prepared since our ancestors’ time. Sardines barbecued on the spit, fish flavorfully prepared in traditional Dalmatian style brudet, succulent grilled lamb, salted fish`s pie of tomatoes and sardines, and delicious and healthy salads made with fresh garden greens and seafood delights.

We will take to a gastro-sightseeing of the island. A tour where you can try all the culinary specialties the Vis island is famous for.


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